14 months prison for 20 yo Phishing suspect

The District Court of the Central Netherlands has sentenced a 20-year-old suspect from Amsterdam-Zuidoost to fourteen months in prison, six months of which suspended, and a community service order of 160 hours. According to the court, the suspect hacked computers and subsequently defrauded (customers of) various online stores and customers of a bank.

The suspect was involved in a criminal organization that had been involved in phishing fraud for a long time. The organization sent a phishing e-mail containing a link to a counterfeit login page of, for example, an online store. After the reader entered their login details on this fake page, the organization was able to place orders with those login details on the real page of the web store. Phones, tablets, laptops and cameras were ordered in this way. Subsequently, the delivery addresses of the existing customers were changed. The changed addresses were passed on to postmen, who were also part of the criminal organization. The postmen signed for receipt if necessary and withheld the packages. No payment was ever made for the ordered goods.

In this way, the suspect has systematically defrauded various web shops and customers of a Dutch bank. He has caused financial damage and a lot of inconvenience to the (customers of) those web shops and the bank. In addition, consumer confidence in the online ordering process and payment transactions has been damaged.

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