23 year old arrest for phishing

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – On Monday January 24, 2022, the police arrested a 23-year-old man from Amsterdam on suspicion of phishing. The suspect is believed to have defrauded dozens of victims throughout the Netherlands for 25,000 euros so far.

The cybercrime team of the Amsterdam police tracked down the man thanks to a bank that had stopped suspicious transactions and sounded the alarm. The man is suspected of sending false emails and text messages to victims stating that their registration with WoningNet had expired. To renew that registration, all a person had to do was go to a payment page and click on a payment link there. But unfortunately: the mail/sms didn’t really come from WoningNet and the payment link turned out to be a phishing link.

In total, the suspect probably stole about 25,000 euros in a year. About 80 people from all over the country have been victims. In addition, approximately 25,000 euros worth of attempts were blocked in time by the bank. The police investigation continues.

Police arrested the suspect on Monday during a raid on a home in Amsterdam. During the raid, the suspect threw his laptop out the window. It has been seized for examination. Several telephones and approximately 1,300 euros in cash were also seized. The suspect was brought before the court on Thursday, January 27. The examining magistrate has decided to place him in custody for a period of 14 days. The police are only now coming with this message, because the suspect was in restrictions. These are now gone.

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