24-year-old man arrested for phishing and money laundering

Uithoorn, The Netherlands – After months of investigation, the police arrested a 24-year-old man from Uithoorn on Tuesday evening, February 1. He is suspected of money laundering, violation of the weapons and ammunition law and various cybercrimes, including sending large amounts of phishing emails (allegedly from foreign banks) and managing and developing various phishing websites.

The man was arrested at his home in Uithoorn. Detectives and digital experts from the Cybercrime team searched the house. The mobile devices and data carriers found were seized for further investigation.

A number of very expensive watches with a presumed value of at least 65,000 euros in total, cash worth approximately 5,000 euros and many valuable collector’s items such as goods from Louis Vuitton were found in the house. This has been seized. The suspect’s Mercedes was also seized. In a safe rented by the suspect, a collection of so-called Pokemon cards was seized, with an estimated value of 11,000 euros. The police are investigating the possibility of designating and confiscating these goods as criminal assets. The confiscation of criminal money is an important part of the fight against crime. Many offenses are aimed at monetary gain. Money is the motive, motive and proceeds of almost all crime. With the confiscation of criminally obtained assets, the Public Prosecution Service, the police and chain partners end up in a place that hurts them, namely in the wallet.

A gold-colored replica Kalashnikov was also seized from the residence.

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