Arrests after shooting incident Vinkeveen near the Harbor Club

Vinkeveen, The Netherlands – Several people were injured in a shooting incident in the parking lot near The Harbor Club on the Groenlandsekade in Vinkeveen on Sunday morning, March 6. The police arrested a total of six suspects on suspicion of involvement in the shooting incident.

At about 4.25 am, the police control room received several reports from witnesses of a shooting incident in the parking lot. Several police units were directed to the parking lot. The police helicopter provided support from the air. On site, an initial investigation revealed that a shooting incident had taken place in the parking lot in which several people were injured.

When the first police units arrived, they saw some passenger cars leaving the parking lot. These vehicles were stopped and the occupants were checked. It was also found on site that one or more vehicles had probably already left the parking lot.


One of the vehicles involved was stopped by the police near the AMC in Amsterdam. At the scene, one of the occupants of that vehicle was found to be injured. He was immediately transported to the hospital for medical treatment and admitted. In total, the police arrested six suspects, several of whom were injured. Their role and involvement in the shooting incident is being further investigated. The condition of a suspect is worrisome.

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