British Transport police has safety as a TOP priority

The British Transport police carry out operations every week across the railway, with many of these operations dedicated to providing proactive patrols and reassurance to passengers and front-line rail staff, letting them know we’re here, and their safety is our top priority.

At the start of the year they began Operation Toyota, a South Western Railway funded initiative dedicated to supporting everyone on the railway, and tackling anti-social behaviour and violent offences.

This operation ensures that the BTP can get more officers travelling the network from London Waterloo to Southampton Central and beyond into Dorset.

Tom Robins, senior security and route crime manager at SWR said: “Operation Toyota has successfully provided reassurance and high visibility presence to our passengers and staff.

“The proactive operation at hotspot locations has significantly driven down crimes against our passengers, staff and infrastructure.

Tom Robins

“Operation Toyota fulfilled its brief and more, we are extremely grateful for the support BTP has provided in making our railway a safe and secure place for all.”

“The safety of SWR staff and the passengers they assist is our top priority.

BTP Chief Inspector Paul Donovan

“This increased funding has ensured we can get more officers out on the frontline and to more areas, tackling incidents as we patrol and providing a reassuring presence to those using the railway.”

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