Criminal handymen arrested in The Netherlands

Haarlem, The Netherlands – A very observant employee of a bank yesterday saved an elderly woman from a scam. The woman had to withdraw more than 3,000 euros for handymen in Schalkwijk. The bank employee informed the police that three suspects have been arrested.

On Friday, a woman rang the doorbell of the 82-year-old victim and asked if her gutters needed to be cleaned. The victim agreed and agreed on a reasonable price of 15 euros for her. On Wednesday, three men came to perform the job at the victim. The job was done and the men indicated that there would be wood rot in the gutter. The men finished their work within half an hour. But the bill had now become 3300 euros.

The victim disagreed, but felt verbally intimidated by the handymen. She had 300 euros in the house and gave that to the men. Because the men immediately wanted to see more money, she went to the bank at the suggestion of the men to withdraw money. A very alert bank employee did not trust the story and decided to call the police.

The police have arrested the three men in connection with this scam. It concerns a 23-year-old man from ‘s-Hertogenbosch and a 26-year-old man from Rosmalen and a 19-year-old man from ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Research shows that these men are nationally active in this field and travel in a black Mercedes Vito bus. The investigation is currently still in progress. The police would like to get in touch with people who have also been approached for cleaning their gutters.

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