Criminals may steal data from thousands of tenants

Criminals may have stolen data from tenants of 3,000 addresses in the Alkmaar region (The Netherlands). This is stated in an e-mail about the cyber attack that Van der Borden Vastgoedprofessionals sent to it’s tenants. Cyber security expert Eward Driehuis advises tenants to be extra alert in the coming period, because they may have to deal with WhatsApp fraud, among other things.

The attack was made on the real estate software the company works with: Real Estate Management System (REMS). In that attack, personal data was copied or extracted, Van der Borden reports. It may have consequences for tenants of about 3,000 addresses.

“This only applies to tenants of homes that are managed by us,” says Det Latenstein, with ultimate responsibility for rent and management at Van der Borden. “This means that the landlord has engaged us to carry out technical and financial matters related to the rental of their home.”

“The tenants do not have to be immediately afraid that their account will be looted, but they do have to be alert to emails from their bank, text messages with payment links and the like.” if the criminals have their phone number and email address, “it could be anything.”

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