Dutch police is looking for donations to send towards Ukraine

The Dutch police wants to assist Ukraine with protective goods and items that can be given to children. The main idea is to reduce the risk and make the current situation more bearable for the people trapped in the situation.

The Dutch police is urgently looking for as many donations as possible in the short term:

  • Helmets
  • Bulletproof vests
  • First aid kits
  • AED
  • Rescue blankets
  • Emergency ration (light weight meals that stay good for a long time)
  • Tactical gear (you know what we mean)
  • Medicines
  • Good working laptops
  • Tactical and protective workwear and shoes
  • Thermo clothing and thermal underwear
  • Night and heat viewers
  • Protective (sun)glasses
  • Good toys for kids
  • Warm (children’s) clothing.
  • Vitamin pills for adults and children
  • And everything that can be of added value and support.

In addition, the Dutch police are looking for good reliable (4×4) vehicles with which we can transport stuff. Get in touch with them if you can do anything in this matter. The Dutch police will then give you a location where things can be brought.

Sign up as a volunteer to join? Only if you have extensive police and/or military experience! We choose who can and may join. We are emphatically not looking for adventurers. – Dutch police

As joint friends of international police officers, unions and associations, they collect goods for (the families of) police officers in Ukraine. They are fighting (on the front line) but there are major shortages of protective clothing and gear. The National Police of Ukraine has previously handed over protective equipment to the military at the front.

The National Police of Ukraine is a civilian police, just like in the Netherlands and Belgium. Ukraine also has its own branch of The International Police Association, which is a friendly police association. The participating countries in Europe of the IPA have close ties with each other. Due to the intensive cooperation between various European police unions and associations, we or our contacts have direct contact with (police) people in the region and we know where to hand over the items.

Unnecessarily, I would like to inform you that our intention is to provide aid and safety equipment to (the families of) police officers. The Dutch police does not supply weapons.

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