Explore data from the UK police via API or CSV

Having the ability to investigate and use data from the United Kingdom police is a dream coming true. The UK police has been publishing datasets for years, and they have put all of available information, API guides and download manuals on one page, which in order makes it super easy to use.

On the UK police website, it states that the site has been made to open data about crime and policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Screenshot of the data.police.uk website

For example, I navigated to the manual download section on the site, and it clearly shows me the options. I can get access to data of more than 20+ police regions in the UK, and it can all be downloaded with a single click.

Overview of data that can be downloaded

All by all, I just want to make sure that you are aware of this option and data. Have some fun with the data, and if you find something cool, then please do not hesitate to contact YourPoliceNews so that we can publish your findings.

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