‘Eyes on the road’: Police take another stand against distracted driving

How many times have you sat behind a motorist in traffic and not sure what the driver was doing? You see the car swinging and braking too late. The driver is probably busy texting, eating or watching a movie. But isn’t it a surprise to anyone that distracted driving causes a lot of accidents? Smartphone use behind the wheel seems to have crept in with some road users and that has to change.

A tour bus with agents will drive through Brabant and Zeeland, The Netherlands, in 2022 to convince road users to leave their smartphones alone in traffic. As it should. If officers see a violation from the bus, another police team in a smaller car takes over and arrests the offender. The aim is to reduce the number of accidents caused by distraction in traffic and to make our roads safer.

The enforcement action ‘Eyes on the road‘ – with a coach and the MONO cam – is planned on 20 different days throughout the year. The police of East Brabant and Zeeland-West Brabant and the Provinces of Zeeland and North Brabant are carrying out this action together.

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