Hostage situation in Apple store, Amsterdam ends with police car hitting suspect (ended)

Leidseplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this is the location where currently a hostage situation is taking place.

This is what we know so far:

  • Around 18:50 the incident at the Apple store started
  • Around 19:00 the police had the environment in lock down
  • A lot of social media footage is being shared by bystanders
  • The police warned a social media account to take down the stream as it was compromising the location of enforcement officers

Coverage by local news agencies:

Hostage situation live streamed by AT5 news

Trolls in the comments

It is remarkable how much junk is being shared in the comment section. Some account holders even pay money to promote their junk messages on the Youtube stream which had 30K viewers at a steady rate.

Screenshot of the chat and the paid comments

The moment the police took the suspect down when he tried to flee the scene

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