Man shoots with (alarm) pistol at plainclothes agents

Oud Gastel, The Netherlands – A 54-year-old man from Oud Gastel was arrested in front of his home on Friday, February 4, around 10 p.m. on the suspicion of threatening two plainclothes officers. He had shot them with a firearm while they were in a car outside his home. An emergency pistol was found during his arrest. He immediately admitted that he had shot it.

Plainclothes officers wanted to investigate a house in Oud Gastel on Friday evening in response to reports about the presence of a possible cannabis nursery. As they approached the gate of the property in question, they saw the resident come out. The man immediately took an aggressive position and stood a short distance on the driver’s side. To their horror, the officers saw that the man had a firearm in his hand with which he actually aimed and fired at them. The officers, who assumed that it was a real gun, quickly drove on and immediately requested assistance.


Subsequently, the suspect was arrested using the approach technique of dangerous suspects. He had an emergency pistol with him and immediately admitted that he had shot two ‘guests’ in a car with it. No weapons or cannabis-related items were found in his home. The two officers have filed a complaint.

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