Mohamed (19) which got dumped at the hospital has been in a wheelchair since the explosion and is wanted by Germany

The German authorities want to question the Dutch Mohamed (19) who was brought in seriously injured at the hospital in Eindhoven at the end of last year. They suspect him of committing an armed robbery and arson. The teenager denies everything and was wheeled into the courtroom by his brother in a wheelchair.

Mohamed El O. has been unable to walk since he was released from hospital: his left leg is badly damaged and he is currently rehabilitating in Heliomare. But: those wounds are not caused by the explosion of an ATM in Neuss, Germany, the Alkmaar teenager told NH Nieuws.

It’s around 3:00 AM on November 26 when an incredible bang is heard. There are charred banknotes on the floor in front of the totally destroyed ATM: three men have just committed a burglary in a town near Düsseldorf, about 45 minutes’ drive across the Dutch border.

Dumped while bleeding

A few hours later, a bleeding man is lifted from a Mercedes by an unknown person in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and put like a rag doll in a wheelchair at the entrance of the Catharina Hospital. It can all be seen on video footage in the investigation file. The car races away and doctors take care of the injured person.

It’s Mohamed El O. from Alkmaar. The Hoefplan district, to be precise. His left leg is in tatters. He himself declares in the first story to the police that he was hit by that black Mercedes. But it is clear to the German police: Mohamed, along with two others, is involved in the explosion in Neuss.

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