One injured after explosion and shelling in Rotterdam-Delfshaven, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – An explosive device exploded around 02:20 a.m. in a house on Piet Paaltjensplein, in which a man was injured. Around the same time, a report was received that a house had been shot at on Jan Kobellstraat. Fortunately there were no injuries. The police take both life-threatening incidents very seriously and are investigating whether there is a connection. An investigation was launched immediately after the incidents, but has not yet led to any suspects. Measures are already being taken in the neighborhood to try to prevent a recurrence, such as installing a mobile camera.

The first incident reported was the explosion on Piet Paaltjensplein. The first investigation makes it plausible that an explosive has been thrown in from the outside. One of those present was injured. He suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital unconscious.

The violently shocked resident of Jan Kobellstraat was released unharmed when his home came under fire. The wall and the window were hit and officers found several shell casings. After the investigation, he was allowed to return to his home. A lot is still unclear about both incidents, including whether there is a connection. That is of course included in the research perform by the Dutch police.

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