Police start piloting automatic drone

The police start a pilot with an automatic drone. This self-flying aircraft can be used to obtain an up-to-date picture of incidents more quickly. This enables the Operational Center (control room) to manage capacity in a better and more targeted way in the event of an incident. This ensures a more decisive police force and thus contributes to safety in our society.

In certain incidents, the automatic drone is sent by the Operational Center to the location where an incident occurred. The images that the drone makes of the incident are sent directly to the Operational Center. There, a police officer quickly gets a picture of the situation.

Greater chance of being caught

Firstly, the Operational Center can make an earlier estimate of how assistance to victims can be deployed as effectively as possible in the event of an incident. This benefits the safety of citizens. Secondly, it is investigated whether the chance of being caught is greater. The sooner a police officer has insight into a situation such as a robbery, the greater the chance of arresting the suspects. Thirdly, it helps with the safety of one’s own employees. The automatic drone provides the Operational Center with an up-to-date picture of an incident location. As a result, the correct number of police units can be sent to the incident in a targeted manner. The Operational Center also has a good overview of the situation and environment of the incident. This makes it safer for colleagues to do their work on the street.

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