The Dutch police is hiring for various positions – something for you?

The Dutch police shares their job offers on the website, and after taking a quick glance, it was clear that they have at least 70 positions that can be filled. The positions range from IT to the physical challenges.

This is the list of positions they have open:

  • account manager intelligence
  • committee monitoring arrest care police unit limburg
  • committee on supervision of arrest care police unit central netherlands
  • committee on supervision of arrest care police unit northern netherlands
  • cyber coach
  • cyber security system administrator PAM
  • digital detective – National Criminal Investigation Service
  • digital specialist investigation
  • domain architect security
  • duty officer intelligence – Real Time Intelligence Center
  • hosting engineer Oracle PaaS
  • lab coordinator
  • operational analyst – Team High Tech Crime
  • platform developer TypeScript
  • purchaser ICT
  • security officer
  • senior functional manager control room systems
  • specialist Open Source Intelligence
  • tactical purchaser ICT
  • technical manager operations control room
  • technical system administrator LaaS

This clearly shows that the police is more than just the physical officer being outside. It is a complete company, which needs to have various positions covered to ensure the growth and capability of taking on the challenges that criminals, daily issues and unknown vectors can cause.

If you are interested, you can apply to the Dutch police via this link.

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