Theft in a German nursing home

In a nursing home in Sternschanze, Germany, an employee is said to have stolen items from a deceased resident. On Thursday, investigators from the State Criminal Police Office 116 searched the suspect’s apartment.

According to the current status of the investigation, a woman from Hesse reported the incident to the police in Hamburg in mid-December. The sister of this complainant had previously died in a Hamburg nursing home and her estate had already been packed up in the facility’s room. When the transport was to take place, the heiress noticed that several items were missing. In detail, jewelry, rare collector’s cups, decorative tin cans and other porcelain items with a total value of apparently several hundred euros were stolen.

As it quickly turned out, parts of the stolen goods were advertised on a sales platform on the Internet. The person who filed the complaint recognized the objects and also noted that they were being offered for sale in Hamburg.

The public prosecutor’s office then obtained a search warrant for the apartment of the suspects, who had now become the focus of investigators. She is a 48-year-old German who is an employee of the care facility.

During yesterday’s search of her apartment in Altona, the investigators secured parts of the stolen goods and various medical utensils. The sale of some of the stolen items had apparently already been completed.

The further investigations against the suspects are ongoing, in particular with regard to the origin of the seized medical utensils.

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