Two people arrested for data breach school community

Drachten, The Netherlands – Two people were arrested on Tuesday 15 February for possible involvement in a data breach in January at a Frisian school community. They are suspected of computer breaches, data theft and the distribution of data.

At the end of last month, the police reported a data breach at a school community located in Drachten. The result of the leak was that the personal details of more than a thousand students were made public. The management of the school community immediately took various measures and, on January 20 this year, reported computer breaches, data theft and the distribution of data.

The cybercrime team of the Northern Netherlands, in collaboration with the basic team of East Friesland, has launched an extensive investigation. On Tuesday, February 15, two suspects were arrested. It concerns two underage boys from Drachten and the municipality of Opsterland, who are both students of the relevant school community. Searches were made in both homes of students where digital data carriers were seized. The suspects have been questioned about their involvement in the data breach. They have since been released pending the investigation, but both remain suspects. A file is drawn up and sent to the Public Prosecution Service for criminal proceedings.

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